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The computer courses are purpose designed courses for the beginning student. In fact, if you know mouse basics and the fundamentals of navigating on a computer you can join in at any time.

There are even more fundamental programs for those without any experience. But this course of ten weeks is only at the beginning of the teaching year.

The classes are tutor lead with a 'no rush' principle. For those who want more there are exercises for homework but are non-compulsory and we are also experimenting with an online program for those who wish to hone their skills

You are taught in an upmarket environment with a computer for each student (you may bring your own laptop) and a large presentation screen to assist with explanations. We use Windows 10 and Office 365.

So, if you want to learn internet, emails, attachments, files, picture management, Word processing or managing a database come and join our relaxed and social group.


Computer Equipment is WestConnex

Internet Connection is Rotary Club of Strathfield

Community discount for Internet is Aussie Broadband